Best Play Yards 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

No matter where you go, let your child be comfortable. There are many arguments against and in favor of play yards. The main argument is that it makes your baby feels close and uncomfortable. But I think if you choose the right play yards for your kid, this argument will not be the issue. The play yards are the safest place for your kid to play in. This has been a lifesaver! When the child starts crawling. Enough said! 😀

When you are introducing a playpen to your child, in order to make them comfortable fill it with their favorite toys and spend some time with them.

Being a mother I can understand that Moms have lots of work to do and all the time they are super conscious about their child.  If you allow your child to crawl around the lounge they are most probably find the only thing you never dream about it and cause a problem. Play yards are super-handy for keeping babies safe

The play yards can be used on a daily basis.  Parents are able to keep an eye on their child while cooking and got relaxed that he isn’t going to get into anything unsafe. You can easily move the play yards in and out of your home

Before writing about the best safety product for the children purchasing, I searched and searched amazon and commission junction comparing and contrasting all of the different options on the market for play yards

Best Play Yards 2019

As a mother, I can understand that how relaxing it is to know your child playing in a safe place. On our quest of finding the right play yards for our daughter, we honestly got tired of searching the right one. We brought one but its too small It made me wonder if we’d just bought a bad brand and if there were better play yards out there.

While selecting the play yards we are looking for the following feature

+ lightweight


+soft fabric



+over head toy bar

+ Capability to accommodate newborn, infant and toddler

Which was getting super crucial..!

and Which, of course, is when I decided to write a review article on them!

North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

Evenflo Versatile Play Space 

North States Superyard Colorplay 6-Panel Play Yard 

North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

These play yards are designed to be functional in any indoor environment.
The name the North States is enough to let it worth known to you. You can get the most out of your play yard by choosing the North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard. I like it very much because it is a portable yard, a baby gate between rooms, or a barrier to block off areas like fireplaces. And it has extra-wide length. And surprisingly Using the included hardware kit, you can add a barrier to areas up to 12 feet across!
Safety with conveniences means a lot to me
The door of the paly yard comes with one hand-operated latch that gives a great deal of convenience.
This play yard is not restricted to a small room or a large room You don’t need to worry about the space as you can increase or decrease the size depending on your space. You can also remove a two-panel section to make a smaller four-panel yard

Good thing is that it has a nice bit of space so that the child an easily crawl around in and I feel so much excited when I saw my daughter standing first time by pulling up on the bars I usually hang toys from the crossbar, too, which give my doll (daughter) fun stuff up high to reach for and play with. The gate is user-friendly, but not so much that a small child would be able to figure it out.

-Heavy by design
– Paint doesn’t chip even after 5 years of use
– Door hinge used often and still works great.


– Locking doesn’t really stop the shape of the playpen from misshaping.

– There’s a really weird panel assembly. The panels lock to each other by connecting the top and bottom and then twisting a locking bar. That’s fine but the connector on the top and bottom comes in 3 different shapes so if you want to take out 1 panel, it’s virtually impossible.

Evenflo Versatile Play Space, Indoor and Outdoor

If we say that the Evenflo have an edge over other play yards than its TRUE because it is designed for both indoor and outdoor versatility, the Versatile Play Space offers over 18.5 square feet of safe, enclosed fun! The thing that attracted me towards this play yard have reversible legs and non-scratch floor pads for outdoor and indoor floor surface

Mums get really tired of their routine Evenflo will help mums in the Quick and easy setup and fold, with unique hinge-design – No tools required!. The space provided is enough for a child to crawl and play with its toys but if you need more you can Expand your play space with two-panel extensions (Sold separately)

I like it because it seemed larger than any of the others I looked at and because it has the ability to add an extension to it if it was too small. Well, it was the perfect size! This may change as the baby grows and needs to move around more, but I will advise you to either buy the extension for it or buy another one of these and get double the play space!

It is relatively lightweight, and easy to fold up or unfold. I actually fold it up every time I put her down for a nap because of how easy it is. It is definitely high-quality plastic and is not flimsy in any way. And when the baby starts to try to pull himself upon it, that it will be able to handle the added pressure no problem.



Indoor/Outdoor Versatility

Reversible Legs

Quick and Easy Assembly

Unique Hinge Design

If the child is active and sharp enough to figure out that the design is essentially a ladder. So, while it keeps the child contained to one space, but still requires immediate attention at all times.

North States Superyard Colorplay 6-Panel Play Yard

I went looking for all types of gates most were very expensive with very little length so on my hunt I saw this. It is the 8-panel play yard. Overall, this is one of the great play yard. You can put it in a perfect square or in octagon too. You can lose a little square foot this way, but it works better according to your room setup. It also fits perfectly on a 6x6 foam floor

The 8-panel square measures 65″ x 65″ I think the octagon measures 80″ x 80″

The thing I like it only takes 60 sec to pack and secure Same time to set up. kiddos love to cruise (walk while holding onto the fence). And luckily it is not possible e to tear down, Often parents call it a BABY JAIL The  Portable, rugged nails it. 

Honestly speaking This is not a playpen to leave baby unattended for a period of time. It does move if the child pulls or pushes on it but it holds up and the best part is it won’t collapse. It’s a great solution if you need to get things done without having to worry about the baby getting into anything. It’s a great play yard

 I saw this and thought possibly six pieces would do the job. Well fully extended it’s quite HUGE! It completely blocked the space I needed it too and it still had plenty of length room. I love it, it works great for just about anything you want to use it for. I plan on buying more in the future for other rooms in the house! 

– Creates a very sizable space for a young child.
-Very stable, as long as all the joints are angled rather than straight

– Soft enough plastic that the baby doesn’t hurt himself bumping against it.

– The diamond-pattern grill allows the child to grab the panel and pull himself up

– More anti-skid pads are needed
– Difficult to pop the joints apart or to reconnect them.


Some More Play Yards

Lotus Travel Crib -

Backpack Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Pack Play-Yard with Comfortable Mattress – Certified Baby Safe

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JOOVY New Room2 Portable Playard

50% larger than most traditional play yards

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Chicco Lullaby Baby Playard

All-in-One: Newborn Napper, Bassinet, Playard and Changing Station.Minimum Age-0 Months, Maximum Age-24 Months

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Cosco Funsport Play Yard

Functional portable play yard. Easy to transport…

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Summer Infant Pop N' Play Portable Playard

14 square feet, 48 inches wide and stands tall at 26 inches. Compact fold and travel bag with a strap for easy portability

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4moms breeze GO portable travel playard

Easy one-push open, one pull close. Convenient travel bag. Playard mattress is easy to clean with a damp cloth

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Delta Children Portable Playard

With Mattress, Portable Crib, Great crib for small spaces or travel

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